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I-study Global Tour Exhibition

I-study Global Tour Exhibition

Exhibition notice
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July 20, 2017 - 23, Istudy Australia AIFF International Furniture Fair to a complete success.With Istudy held in Australia AIFF show successfully,
To further promote the brand globalization of the development strategy provides an important basis, We continue to pursue excellence, excellent quality, so that the world really fell in love with made in China.




Istudy have more than 10 years of international operating experience, continuous global business development, for the internationalization of the brand to provide a strong support. Over the past few years, we have made outstanding achievements in the development of the global market.
By the first half of 2017, We have 40 countries and regions of the national brand agents, more than 200 domestic and foreign mainstream cities and the global operation of 700 stores experience, won more than 5 million families around the world's true trust.More than 10 years of rapid development, we have won the global customers of the depth of recognition, the product won the praise of the global family,
Istudy 2017 global tour exhibition continues, we welcome domestic and foreign customers to join our family, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win!